Puppy Preschool Thurs Sept 9th @ 7:45pm

For puppies 9wks to 4mo!

    Service Description

    Six Week Course - NO puppies first week! Cost covers all six weeks. One class per week, for one hour. If we cancel any class due to inclement weather you will still get your full six weeks. Must pre-register due to limited class size. ​ We work on potty training, crate training, handling and bite inhibition. We start behaviors like sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, and come. Management of other puppy behaviors (jumping up, barking) is discussed. We socialize and introduce puppies to different surfaces and objects. We discuss and demonstrate ear cleaning, brushing teeth and trimming toenails. Above all, having fun with your puppy and using positive training is our approach. Also includes Star Puppy Program for the AKC. ​ If puppy will be 4mo at start of class please enroll in Basic Manners!

    Contact Details

    • 2451 S. Plaza Drive, Rapid City, 57702