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This course can no longer be booked.

Intermediate Scent Work Sundays@ 1:30 pm

Next Session - 7/14 - 8/11 NO CLASS 7/28 Wendy Freier, Instructor Skill Building Level!

  • 2451 S. Plaza Drive

Service Description

Continuing the learning process for students in the sport of scent work. Get ready to be amazed! In Intermediate Scent Work class we build on the foundation skills learned in beginner class and introduce so much more! Dogs will learn to work both on and off leash, and be introduced to additional odors used in scent work. Elements introduced at this level include interiors, containers, vehicles (weather permitting), and exteriors (weather permitting.) Search skills taught in this class include corners, channels, elevation, and "blind" hides. Handler skills taught at this level include leash handling, odor movement, and body language. Dogs will be ready to move to the advanced level when the following skills are achieved: • Dog can recognize multiple odors and drive to source in all elements • Dog can successfully solve challenging problems such as elevation, corners, and channels • Owner can let dog work independently, both on leash and off leash • Owner can recognize when dog is at source, both on leash and off leash • Owner can correctly recognize when dog is “in odor” and “at source” on blind hides • Owner can correctly give “alert” cue and reward with appropriate timing • Owner expresses an interest in competing (optional) Prerequisite: Successful completion of beginner scent work and instructor approval.

Contact Details

  • 2451 S. Plaza Drive, Rapid City, 57702


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