Learn how to teach and practice sits/downs/stays, come when called, loose leash walking, back/wait, leave it, get it, got to mat, etc.  Lots of relationship exercises!  We will teach you the building blocks to having a more relaxed, polite dog that is well-mannered and a joy to be around!


This class is for dogs and handlers that have already been through a beginner class such as "Basic Manners". We will work on more difficult stays, heeling, being handled, distractions, and all the exercises used in the AKC "Canine Good Citizen" (CGC) test.


Do you know what the nose knows?? Nose Work is a BLAST and the dogs LOVE it!  We work on teaching the dog to enjoy finding specific odors. This class is a great confidence booster for those shy or somewhat timid dogs too. There are trials available to get titles, or just to have fun with your dog. You can even teach him to find an object of yours!!


This class is for all dogs who are sound in body and mind!  Dogs must not be aggressive towards other people or dogs and need to come when they are called.  A basic class is highly recommended! This is one of the most fun sports you will ever do. The dogs love it and so will you! Novice/Intermediate and Advanced Agility classes are ongoing at the center weekly. Call if you have previous agility experience and want to get in on one of the more advanced classes!


Let us help you prepare for showing in Rally Obedience or just have fun doing an obedience course with signs!  This is a class where you have courses made up of signs with instructions on what to do. You will learn the "signs" that will aid you in doing a "course" set up by a judge.  The course can be in any order.  This is Fun!  You never know what the course will be, but you will be able to do it, because you will know the signs!


This is a 6 week class. No puppies the first night.  Includes, but not limited to: socialization, basic commands, Health information. Also includes Star Puppy Program for the AKC.  Helps to progress on to more "formal" training for a little bit older dogs!